regarding the firebrand estate

we've officially shit the bed, now it's time to sell the estate... here's what the old lady collected over the years

lots and lots of stuff, all priced out, but we'll let you haggle

wednesday jan 6th 12-6
thursday jan 7th 12-5
friday jan 8th 12-5

or call 716.912.8296 to schedule a pick up time

absolve domine
animas omnium fidelium defunctorum
ab omni vinculo delictorum
et gratia tua illis
succurente mereantur
evadere iudicium ultionis
et lucis æterne beatitudine perfrui

in nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritus Sanct



final days of firebrand

firebrand is starting to feel feeble... the end is near

this old firebrand heart only has a few beats left, but we've still got quite a bit of nice things for you to buy at amazing low prices.

men's shoes are all 75% off,
most women's styles are also 75% off
everything in the entire store is buy one get 1 an additional 50% off... (sniff hack wheeze) mix and match whatever you like.. scarves hats jewelry shoes sunglasses... whatever I can't feel my legs.

closing for good december 31st... get it before it's gone.

now leave me... I need my rest.



farewell to firebrand

dearest love,

did you know firebrand is closing...
as in going out of business at the end of this month?

well it's true... boo hoo hoo.

but don't cry for too long... there is good news still!

all men's footwear is now 50% off the original price
heaps women's styles are also marked way down 40%-75% off
plus we've got lots of cute hats and scarves for the season

give a little get a little

come by, say hi, then say goodbye.... forever.
it's been real... really real.

I'll always love you, even when I'm dead.

<3 firebrand


Back Drop.

Silly Saturdays.


Ho. Ho. Ho.

Buy One Get One Half Off.


the cat is out of the bag

we can't hide it any longer...
firebrand is closing for good december 31st 2009... please come shop and show your support during our final days
thanks to everyone for your patronage and love

<3 firebrand


All this can be yours

sad but true the lovely bernadette is looking for a new home with a new mom. and now I'll share with you, gentle reader, a bit about her life:

Bernadette was born august 10th 2006. She has no history of any illness or infections and is up to date on all her shots as of february 20th 2009. She still has all her claws, enjoys wellness brand weight management cat food, and visits the Ellicott Small Animal Hospital yearly. Her hobbies include sleeping, sitting, and playing with strings.

I adopted her from the Buffalo Animal Shelter at PetSmart in February this year... I'm so bummed about letting her go, but if there is someone with a genuine interest, that would be able to keep her for the rest of her sweet little life I would be so happy.

Never a mew mew out of her mouth unless she's hungry, and never ever a claw or scratch to a person. Raised an indoor lady, and seems to like it that way. Fans of Bernadette say she is fluffy and cuddley. Critics can only say she is a bit overweight.

She does occasionally scratch my sofa, but I must admit, I never trained her properly. I did recently buy a spray bottle to give her a quick mist down if she acts up. Based on her history, I'm convinced she'll learn quickly and be a better cat in no time.

That's all we have to say about Bernadette.

no... this is all we have to say:


The Leonid Meteor Shower Simplified

Prime viewing of the Leonid Meteor Shower as seen from the northeast United States will be on tuesday the 17th of November from 3:30am -5:30am in the dark southeastern sky. As compared to the 500 meteors/hour, expected to be seen from central and eastern Asia, our more modest viewing of a few dozen meteors/hour will still be impressive as meteors are expected to trail for a number of seconds, possibly even minutes.

For more information please visit the following website:


we've got a new way to walk

here is mommy and baby trying out new boots...
trying trying trying
up or down?
or down?
black grey or brown... up or down




toes done up

soft paws...
it's like this:

for cats!

just ordered Bernadette a set in sophisticated black... diva

something for the pilgrims

firebrand's got an oven full of lovin' to give this month.
there's plenty of great shoes you'll want to gobble up.
plus boat loads of winter accessories arriving soon.

you hear me turkey?

check out this gravy coupon, I want you to print it up and use it:

say thank you.

<3 firebrand

gobble it up


Cambodian Singer of Elmwood.

We know where you fitting room is...



No Sleep Til Pussy.

I"m back bitches.



sharp flats